Monday, February 11, 2008

I got my MotoYUVA W230 and vodafone!

I got my new MOTO YUVA W230 mobile handset on Feb.8!
It's a wonderful mobile available at this price. I cost Rs.2,900/- for this at Trivandrum.
It's most beautiful speciality is -- it has a memory expandable upto 2GB ! It uses microSD technology card. I got a 256MB card with the phone.

This is the best Music phone that's available at this price in India. If we are to buy a music-phone with a reasonable memory, we must have a minimum of Rs.5000/- on hands... But, Moto YUVA only costs near 3000!

It has an in-built speaker, producing high, clear voice. It comes with in-built stereo FM radio. Now-a-days, the demand for FM handset is increased in Kerala, as there comes many new FM radio stations.

There are some cons also - There's no wireless connectivity - I mean, no Infrared or Bluetooth.
Also, FM is stereo, but we cannot feel the stereo well. No voice recordind is there, and no Equaliser for music-player.

The name 'YUVA' is in India only.. It's original name is 'W230'. It's launched here by this feb. only.

I love my phone!!

ALSO, I gotta my vodafone!!

I got my vodafone connection also! I chose the number. My number starts and ends in 9, also, the number is a multiple of nine. I was looking for it!! And exactly I got it!!

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