Friday, February 15, 2008

We started hardware classes!

Yes, in our college, we have hardware add-on course too!
Really, there was a choice for add-on course. Either CCNA or Hardware.

CCNA is a CISCO certification course, which should cost around Rs. 12000 here in Kerala. CCNA is Cisco Certified Network Administrator. It includes all about Networking, and administration of networks. But the only problem is, we dont get a CISCO certificate.

In Hardware course, we have to study all the hardware basics, sothat we can move on to the A+ certification. Also, the hardware course gives us the college certificate. That's enough.

___Why should we have to study add-on?___
Really, the Kerala University BTech Computer Science syllabus is hugely out-dated and a big-waste. We have no new technologies after 2000 to study in. There's no word "LINUX" anywhere in the syllabus. It is very much clear that the tomorrow's world is going to be developed and run under the Linux variants, rather than Windows. But the University is crafting their students without teaching them what they really need, and, producing a large number of out-dated, brain-less so-called 'Computer Engineers'... By this time, I remember the words of Morpheus, in the film The Matrix, and should be like... --
"The University syllabus is something that is pulled over your
eyes, to make you blind that you unable to see the real world."

So, our college management have decided to start an add-on course in the Hardware field. Networking also included.

I selected hardware, but I know, CCNA is having much better scope, but I dont like to study it without getting a certificate.

"Hardware makes the software run. Sofware designs the Hardware" - -- That's all!

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