Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We born creative, but education ruins us.

I and my classmate Subash went to Lourdes Matha College, Kuttichal, for participating in Unify '08, an one-day technical symposium conducted by CSI and CS department. We participated in Debugging contest and Web designing. We got Second prize in web-designing contest.

Actually, all we study in our syllabus is truely ruin the creative power in us. We are never supposed to think creatively in this education system. All we want to do is, just memorise things, and copy down it to exam sheets. The examiners evaluates our sheets according to what we had written in the paper. There's no place for creativity. The education system in India really destroys the creative power of students... and generations.

The emerging technologies today are increasing our creative skills. For example, HTML. We can use HTML to produce variety of artistic pages, good-looking pages and official designs. There we must think creative. Also we are thus increasing the thinking/creative power in us.

But in our syllabus, for example, if we study C, we have to by-heart some pre-fixed programs like bubble sorting, binary search etc. The exam questions will be to write the code for 'Bubble sort'. Everyone can write, but, the only thing that works there is our memory. No part for intelligence here. So, we must re-define our education systems. We must develope creativity.

There's no updation for the higher-education syllabus. IT field changes in each day, precisely, each hour. But, our syllabus is updated every 5 year only. They say that they 'update', but nothing is added to the syllabus. Instead, the books or titles are changed. The new title may include some info about new technologies, but we dont need to study it! What a waste system!

So, if we plan to be better in our career, go for self-learning. You will never reach the heights if you study the university syllabus only. If you self-master the emerging technologies, you can reach heights. The so-called "Multinational companies" in India are really losing their revenue in bad business! I promise..., within 5 years, they will learn what is Indian education and what is real knowledge!

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