Friday, April 25, 2008

The Examination systems are Bad IN INDIA.

In India, the whole examination systems are bad. They never do examinations for checking out what we can do with the lessons that we had learned in the classes. They just want to know how we memorise things, how we organise them in memory etc. They all are concerned about memory power of a student.

Next, the way that they give marks -- it's never going to change in India. I will explain -
Suppose a theory paper exam. It's out of 100 marks. There are 3 essays, each of 20 marks. Even if we copy everything directly from the text book (just suppose!), we will not get full marks. That's, even if we wrote the essays better than the best, the maximum mark that's given is 17. They will never give full marks. Then, what's the place of "20" marks? If the maximum given is 17, why they make questions out of "20" ? That's, effectively we are writing exams for only 100-(3x3)=91 marks! They are redusing some marks for "this and that", and effectively, we are writing only for 90 marks. What is the significance of the "extra 10" marks..? Useless! Totally, we waste our energy, time and everything for the marks which dont exist!

Next -- the third -- how they evaluate our papers. The chief-examiner makes a key pattern. All keys are taken from text books -- the same old text books. There's nothing updated.
Suppose, there's a question on dynamic databases. The students are supposed to write the "punched cards", "tapes", "sequential files", "indexed files" etc. If any students write everything about XML, he is out! That's, XML is not in the key. So that student is out only because he had written about the known most easy, portable, stable, robust, fast, reliable and LATEST technology of dynamic database.

So, if you think that you can go to heights by studiying in India, you are totally crazy! Get out of here! Go from here! Get good education! Make your life better!

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