Saturday, May 17, 2008

Series tests are coming... Time to sharpen my memory power.

My third series tests are coming in wild... It's the time for me to sharpen my memory power. No need to sharpen my brain processing power. If you think that I already have enough mental processing power, and no need to improve it, then you are wrong! Because I mean, no mental processing power is needed to study Kerala University B.Tech...! All what you need is simply the memory power.

The syllabus is full of theory subjects. There're only a few subjects, which requires the mental processing power of the student. The "Software Project Management" (SPM) of semester 6 is an example. The teachers teach the subject, we take lucture notes and study (sorry, by-heart) from text books. And, we memorise all them, and at the time of exam, we write it, then throw it away! So, all what we use is our memory power. We learn nothing from the subject... We learned it only for getting marks. (Another question: Did Bill Gates learned SPM for making the Microsoft Corporation... and making it successful for more than 25 years...?)

Totally, the BTech CS here is just for making a certificate that "the student is eligible to be an engineer" while the course can actually NEVER make successful engineers. The totall course must be re-constructed with more practical sessions, less but not least useful theory sessions etc. But when will they make it...? Why we wait and see...? Hm...

Totally, the politicians and the out-dated law and order systems here will never make the syllabus better... They are interested in making money...! Bad!

Oh..! Time's going on... It's my time to memorise more...!! going on...!

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