Saturday, May 31, 2008

Four days of full enjoyment!

Yea, after a long break, I and my friends went to have a nice "break"... We had a wonderful visit to our friends' houses at Trissur and Palakkad. It was a super trip. We enjoyed fully!

On Monday, 26th, we got into train, at night from Trivandrum railway station. We were in general compartment, full of rush.. but we managed to sit comfortably and enjoyed very much. Next day, Tuesday 27th, we launched Trissur railway station, and went to Vadakkumnatha temple. After that, we had a nice visit to Paaramekkaavu temple. Then we had a little breakfast. After, we went for a little shopping at City Centre shopping complex, and bought some cute gifts for our friends... Then we got autorikshaws, and went to Trissur bus stand, and got a Guruvayur bus. From there we had a bus journey to Guruvayur. At about 12.30 we reached Guruvayur. It was very big rush there and the temple will close at 1.00pm. So, we were sure that we would not be able to get in the temple. We had a lunch there. Then shopping, we bought aluva, toys, guruvayur pappadam etc. Then we go to Palakkad, there's Aneesh's house. We reached there by evening.

On Wednesday, 28th, we woke up early and got ready. We had a plan to visit Nelliampathi, a famous hill station there. We caught a cruiser van there, and we left for Nelliyampathi. We had a long journey of about an hour. We enjoyed really. We went into dense forest... it was a nice adventure there. But, our friend Midhun discovered that the forest is full of leeches! We ran for our life! We got out and came back to our van, checked all our body to make it sure that there's no leeches. We were totally frightened! We escaped from there!!! It was a nice experience!!!
Later we escaped from there, we visited Palakkad Fort. It was built by Tippu Sultan, and now it's kept as a historical memorial. That night we stayed at Aneesh's home. We had a plan to visit Anjali's house next day, but we had to change the plan due to some unexpected events.

On Thursday, 29th, we left his house, before that we had a group photo with his amma and achan, and we all were happy.Then we left his house, went to Palakkad bus station. There we had a "great" breakfast - "sharjah". Then we bought some little gifts and got a bus to Trissur. We launched Trissur, it was almost mid-day, so we had a little drink. Then we got another bus to Maya's house. Maya's house is near a lake, named Kanjaani, it's very very very much beautiful place. There I had my ever first journey in boat -- not that engine boat -- "Vallam".... It's really amazing!!! We had a nice lunch there. We ate more that "puzha meen" fry much than rice! We really enjoyed it! After we went to walk. We had a nice walk there. Enjoying all the beauties... Then we got back to her house. There some of us played Uno cards, some of us played chess with Maya's achan. He is a genius chess player, of course, we lost all the games!! Then we had a nice dinner. Chicken curry and Pathiri... Very nice and tasty supper! We will never forget it! Then, we looked at Internet for train to leave to Trivandrum. The train would arrive at Trissur at 7.45am, and we must leave Maya's house by 6.20am. So, all we decided not to sleep. But as time passed, one by one fell into sleep. Finally, I fell into sleep by 2.30am.

On Friday, 30th, we woke up early morning, at 5.00am, and we had a quick refreshment, just brush only. We had to leave there immediately, and got no time to have a group photo with all together. We left her house at 6.15am, and we had to catch that bus within 5 minutes. wonderfully, we could catch the bus by a just-miss chance! We all got in the bus, and got at Trissur railway station. There we got tickets to Trivandrum, in sleeper class. All our plan was to sleep in train. But when the train came, we got no seats. After a long search, we got seats, and all our jumped on to the births. There we had Uno cards play above that births! Later at Kottayam, we had all our seats empty. We got in there. There all we together enjoyed very much. At about 2.30, Train reached Varkkala, and Ajith dropped there. Then at about 3.00, we reached Pettah railway station. I, Dileep, Subash snd Jipu get down there. Vishnu Menon, Midhun, Aravind, Aswin ans Ans were got at Thampanur. There ends our trip!

All we really enjoyed this trip very much. It was a good experience. We had a nice journey. We will never forget it!


  1. Hey man.... u r gr8.... nice blog keep it up!!!

  2. യാത്രാ വിവരണം പോലെ എന്ത് കണ്ടാലും ഞാനവിടെ ചാടി വീഴും :) :)ആശംസകള്‍


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