Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Haa, after a fortnight, I am back to college!

We had a three weeks study leave in our college. The university says that it is semester leave. Whatever, we got leave... that's all! No need to know more!

Our course is divided in semesters. Our course contains an 8 full semesters. Literally, a semester means 6 months. But for Kerala university, a semester means "2 months of classes and 4 months of exam"... that's all! Our university is interested in youth-festivals, film festivals, elections, strikes etc. more than education. They know how to update the exam fees... but they never update our syllabus! And we, we are the victims for all these. USELESS!

Then, let me tell more about new events in my college. We are having a special timetable for these classes, and all-day lab are there. When we are at home, we feel totally bored. Meeting all of our friends together is a nice feeling... Isn't it? YES! I enjoy now! Back into life...! No, "back into college life!"

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