Wednesday, June 25, 2008

University results. Just escaped out! Ho!

One day ago my 5th semester university exam results came. For the first time in my B.Tech life, I am getting all-pass in first chance! I became very much happy. But something more that could keep me unhappy -- the percentage. I got only 61.1% for this exam. In past years, my results were not good, I was getting at least one supple in each result. But at that time, my percentage was about 70. But it's a peak off!

However, it's a chance to be calm for me. All maths are over. I was totally afraid of these useless engineering maths! Now, no need to think of that maths subjects!

For all these success, I must thank the one - the power that gave me life. I thank you. I thank you. That power is always in my mind. My mind goes everywhere. I don't like to write more, you know, that power is everywhere.

Also, I must say about another power - the parasite that kept eating me. Now I feel that I am escaped, and I am getting my life back. Living with parasites is a very good experience... you will learn life! Really! And, never jump for such things! My experience says so. Real life experience.

Truly, I am getting something!

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